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Those who visit Korea for the turning point or the happy memories of your life,
Welcome to visit our Ryu House
Located center of Korean beauty and culture, on Gangnam, Seoul. 

As the guest house is located in the center of Seoul Gang-nam, and you can see Feel the K-POP culture represented by Gangnam Style . Ryu house opened its doors on April 1st, 2016, so everything is all new for you to enjoy! All guests are welcome to use the open modern kitchen and dinning room and can use also laundry room. Every room has private toilet, shower room, refrigerator, private number locker closet..

We have 5 type of rooms (luxury twin, Deluxe twin, Triple, VIP 1 & 2 room) So we can meet your any request or your company number. Surely the rooms cost are a little different regarding size and bed number. If you choose twin room alone, you will have the whole apartment to yourselves, you are NOT SHARING with any one. We provide American style breakfast with fresh drink. You can cook also as your various style.

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